Reasons to hire an Interior Designer?

  • Knowledge of current materials and finishes available in the market place.
  • Help to avoid costly mistakes, has technical and aesthetic expertise.
  • Assists the owner with translating the owners’ desires into reality.
  • Representation of the owners interest.
  • Procurement and installation of special furnishings and services.

How is the fee for a project established?
There are several approaches to establishing the fee.

  • We can work on an hourly fee throughout the project, designating and hourly charge for a specific function performed. All goods and services will be sold at our net cost. This hourly fee can be converted into a flat fee once the parameters of the project have been clearly defined and established.
  • We can work on a retail basis with our compensation being the difference between wholesale purchase and the retail sale price of goods and services.
  • We can work on a combination of an hourly design fee for all finish selections and design decisions made for building purposes and charge a percentage on wholesale costs as our compensation for the specification and purchase of decorating goods and services.

Does your firm have a style that your projects follow?

  Our design work does not have an affinity towards one particular style. Our design philosophy is best described as "contextual". Every project is an opportunity for a unique and original creation and expression of built form. Our approach is to develop the design in response to the numerous factors that may influence the interiors. These include the owners’ stylistic preferences the architectural or historical character of the building and the climate conditions to name a few.  

What are the general steps in the typical project involving an Interior Designer?

  Upon selection of an Interior Designer a meeting is held to review the owners objectives for the project. These objectives known as the design program include all of the desired spares and functions. It is reviewed for completeness, adequacy and feasibility with respect for the budget identified for the project. The Interior Designer then commences work. The design is developed in an interactive review and revision process with the owner, until all of the design issues are resolved to the owners’ satisfaction. At this stage, the interior designer then prepares a complete set of drawings and documents as per building requirements and / or purchase orders required for ordering furnishings. Administrative personnel will be provided for keeping records and track of all orders. The interior design firm will then follow up and expedite the orders and if supervision is needed during construction will provide that. Once construction is complete and furnishings are received the design often will supervise installation of furnishings and artwork and accessories  

What are the requirements of the owner during a typical project?

  The owner must begin by furnishing all relevant data for the project in terms of required space, functions and a proposed budget. Any existing inventory items to be included in proposed areas must be quantified and identified. The owner must be available to review and render approvals as the design evolves, to respond to inquiries and correspondence throughout the project.  

Should an owner do a background check when selecting an Interior Designer and how does one go about this in a professional manner?

  An owner should do a thorough background check before hiring an Interior Designer. This is both appropriate and advisable. The designer should supply information on past projects that would enable the owner to contact these former clients and interview them regarding the designers’ performance on their projects.  

Employment Opportunities

  We are currently reviewing applications in the Jacksonville, Florida office for interior design professionals with 4 to 6 years experience, CAD drafting, knowledge of construction detailing as pertaining to interior architecture, cabinetry detailing and furniture. The position offered provides good potential for growth, flexibility and exposure to creative design projects. Please send resume by email or by fax to the address listed on the home page.  
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